Friday, May 7, 2010

The Prom

Here's a very corny story I wrote for the school magazine.

“You may now kiss the bride.” John placed his palm over Stacey’s right cheek, looked into her beautiful dark eyes, and brought his lips to hers.

5 Years Ago
Stacey’s eyes were set on her computer, completing her latest assignment. College life was hectic! Assignments, assignments, assignments! There must be more to life than this?

Just then, Stacey’s cell phone beeped. Stacey took her sticker covered phone out from her bag.

‘You have 1 new message.”

Stacey wondered who might have sent her a message at this time. A major assignment will be due tomorrow and she would expect everyone to be doing nothing but researching on Julius Caesar.

“Hey! How’s the assignment going? So, did you manage to find out if Julius Caesar has anything to do with Caesar Salad? =p. Anyway, I haven’t found a date for Prom, next Saturday… Hmmm, do you think… you could be my date? If it’s okay with you, I’ll pick you up at 7.00pm?”

Stacey gasped. Prom Night! She had almost forgotten all about it. She starred at the screen of her phone in disbelief. Hansen, the most charming boy in her class asked her to be his date? Well, why not? After all, the prom will be on in just a few days, and she still hadn’t found her date.

“Urgh! It is killing me! Har har har, very funny. I wonder what Mr. Bield would say to that. =p. Hmmm… sure, IF my parents like you. ;)

“No worries, girl. They WILL. No one could resist my charm, including your parents. So yeah, I’ll see you then =).”

Prom Night
Stacey had her long black hair and make-up done earlier in the evening. She had always hated proms. She hated how dumb blondes are always crowned Prom Queen, and drunken beefy guys Prom King. Well, at least they fit each other perfectly. But what she hated most was dressing up for Prom. What’s wrong with jeans and sneakers? She’d rather be in those than stilettos and evening dress now. He felt her toes growing numb.

“Mom, I’m going to wait at the porch.” Stacey yelled to her mom upstairs.

“Wait! I’ll be there in a minute; I’m looking for the camera.” Her mom yelled back.

Great. She knew she was not going to escape the mom-getting-over-excited-at-daughter-in-evening-dress ritual. Just then, a black Sedan pulled over at the front of the house. The timing could not have been better!

“Mom, I think he’s here. I’m going to go now, alright?”

Stacey quickly made her way to the porch. She wondered if she could measure up to Hansen’s beauty. For a moment, she felt she should’ve rejected him. The rest of the girls in the prom would hate her.

“Hey, you look… beautiful tonight.”

“John? Where’s Hansen?” Stacey asked, surprised.

John was a quiet guy. Stacey had never talked to him. Perhaps, it was his quiet nature, or it could have been that he was sitting way too far at the end of the class. Looking up at him close, Stacey saw that he has a beautiful jaw line and dimples.

“Hansen’s not feeling well, so he couldn’t make it. He asked me to take you to prom instead. You don’t mind, do you?” John said.

Mind? Would it matter if she mind? After all, she was all dressed up for the occasion; it would be a waste to not go.

“No, I don’t mind. Do you?” She joked.

“It’ll be my pleasure.” John said, and offered her his hand.

At the prom, they found themselves a quiet corner to sit. Stacey found herself actually enjoying prom for the first time in her life. John was a really funny guy. She was laughing so hard for most of the time at the weird things that John said. She’d never thought that it would be so fun to hang out with him. She liked how he glanced at her every time she looked away. When she looked back, he would quickly glance away. Was John feeling shy? She could not be sure, but he made her felt really comfortable and nice inside.

20 Years Later
John was in the living room, cuddling Stacey on the couch. Some soap opera was playing on the television but John’s eyes were on Stacey’s beautiful dark eyes and his heart felt the same flutter when he first met her.

“Stacey, will you still love me if I had lied to you?” John asked, suddenly.

“Why dear? That’s a tough question. I wouldn’t know unless I know what it is about.” Stacey said, and hugged him harder.

“Nothing, just some random question…” John replied.

They had a few good long years together before John was diagnosed with brain cancer. Stacey stayed with him the whole time, and that gave him strength. He was fighting the illness so hard because he didn’t want to leave Stacey alone but it got the better of him. Soon, he found himself unable to move his body parts, and he could only mumble words with great effort. Stacey remained strong until the very last days of his life.

Stacey returned home that day, without John. She went into their room, took his clothes out from the closet and placed them on their bed. She lay down, and cried really hard. She’d promised John that she will be strong, and she was. Now that John’s gone, she could let it all out. Stacey felt something stiff in the pocket of one of his jackets. She dried her eyes, and took it out. It was a piece of paper, and she could see that John’s handwriting was on it.

Please excuse my handwriting. The cancer is making it hard for me to concentrate. I hope that you will never get to read this letter, that I will beat this disease and tell you in person these things, something that I should’ve done a long time ago. But I will write this down, before I am unable to.

I’ve never forgotten the first day I saw you. The very moment you stepped in the class, I could not take my eyes off you. I thought you had the most beautiful dark eyes but I was sitting at the back, and you were at the front next to Hansen.

I could see from the look in your eyes that you liked Hansen. He is a charming man. But I hoped that you will, somehow, notice me too. But you never turned your head back, not even once, to look at me.
I know I should have talked to you, but I never had the courage to. I am nothing like Hansen, and I couldn’t charm you the way he did. One day, I got Hansen alone, and I talked to him. I asked for his help to ask you out, and I was surprised that he was willing to.

On prom night, I was not filling in for Hansen.

I hope that you will forgive me for keeping this from you for such a long time. I was very afraid that I will lose you and that you will see me differently, that I was too cowardly to talk to you. I wished that we would have known each other in a different way, that we had a beautiful fairy tale. But it was all just a planned scam, for me to get to know you. I was not completely honest with you, all these years. I hope that you will be able to occasionally look back and remember all the wonderful times we had together and perhaps, find forgiveness.

I love you, and I will always do… Always."

Tears rolled down Stacey’s cheeks, and she struggled to catch her breath. All these years, he could have told her. She wished that he had told her, so she could hold him tight and tell him that she wanted him to plan that scam, that she would not have it any other way, that she was grateful that he had shown her that he is the one for her.

p.s. I am a sucker for romance novels =p


Groovykim said...

NAHH. You don't suck! This is a wonderful piece of brief essay. HAHAH Well written and thumbs up! :)

Anonymous said...

i love this..seriously pauline! :D

Diana Chan said...

i still cry at the end of the story every time i read this!!!!!