Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day1: Myself

Alright, before I even start, I have to admit, this is by far the most uninspiring title EVER!

Or perhaps, it triggers so many thoughts, I don't know where to begin.

Ah, but what the heck, regardless of what I say about myself, you probably have an entire different set of opinion. 

Like for instance, this is how I see myself in the mirror everyday...

Somewhat too long a face. 
Hair frizzier than Ronald Mc Donald's.
Eye bags bigger than my handbag.
Red spots on my cheeks, to be spotted all the time.
Somewhat too short a neck.
Too rounded/slanted shoulders.
Boobs s-o-o-o big I cannot sleep faced down or I'll suffocate myself to DEATH!!!
Waist not exactly small, but is relatively smaller when placed in between boobs and butts.
Ass s-o-o-o-o big you can take forever to finish kissing.
Thass. Tigh+Ass. Some extra organ I have, you don't. 
Tanned. The one thing I don't mind being. =)

But when YOU see me, you go:

Can 18belows read the above line? For ours sake, I hope not. 


E said...

hahahaha... i like the way you describe this post. but i think you're not alone in this department. everyone else feels the same way too. we see ourselves in a very negative light whenever we look in the mirror. insecurity sticks to anyone at anytime

ken said...

haha.. sure or not that bad? but i guess everyone feels like that - expect celebrities? :)

Anonymous said...

your boobs that big??!!
true or not?