Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pleasantly Disturbing Thoughts

So I've been doing 10km daily for almost a week now...

The sun is shining, the breeze is strong, hot muscular men jogging along with me...

Ahhhhh~~ ain't it wonderful???


Some "mamat" on a bike come cruising along!



And what's with the erected-dick-on-your-head-look?

You want a smile? You shall get one!


That's just AH-MA-ZINGGGGGGG~~~

Best thought ever. I ran with more Oooomph too after!

Givin' me the highs I need... Mmmmm.... >=)

note: I am not racist. That fellar's hitam. What you want me to do?? Maybe hitam men are more horny? Ya think??

On a side note: 

Finished Ekiden Relay Marathon 2011 just last Sunday. That explains the sudden silence in my blog...

and... TADA! We were the 7th to complete the race, AGAIN! 

click here for last year's

Finished 15km in 1hour40minutes EXACTLY! Not that impressive, BUT still pretty good!

1st Runner: Low Pou Leen
2nd Runner: Low Michelle 
3rd Runner: Wong See Huey
4th Runner: Leow En Zie
5th Runner: Abbie Lo Mei Lan

Left to right: Pou Leen, Michelle, See Huey. En Zie, Abbie

Our Finishing Medal *loves*

The Rest of The Photographs:

photos that don't really matter, but because I look so-o-o-o good in 'em, I wanna rub 'em all over your face! *rubs rubs rubs*

photographs: Courtesy of Abbie Lo

In the mean time, gonna be busy for the coming months! 

Have a nice life y'all!


Utar Boy said...


Alvin Lim said...

dick head o_o
eh, got acid splashers now ler. if motorbike near, just run faster!

Pou Leen said...

don't think I can beat a bike even if I am sprinting... hahaha...

{erisha} said...

this post sadly reminds me off my failure to routinely executed and discipline myself to jog every week :(

i think my new sport shoe has been abandoned for months..since last year *yikes*

LittleMissMeen said...

wow impressive:):) good runner hehe:D

Kristin said...

Cute blog. Haha! Whats a hitam?

ken said...

dick head, literally! :P

Pou Leen said...

Hahaha... yes, it takes much discipline!

Thanks! =) Not that good, but doing pretty well, so far..

Hitam.... that's like "dark" coz they were really dark...

@Ken: Yes... literally! XD

jeffery said...

yo!!! didn't the dick head wear a helmet or something??!?? LOL

Jet Boy said...

dick head ? LMAO :'D

Jason said...

umm, don't know whether it's just me or everyone else just playing it cool but 10km a day!!! O.o
and 15km in 1hour 40minutes!!!! VERY IMPRESSIVE to me XD
i need 25 to 30minutes for 2km!!! walking that is, i try to jog .5km also can die -_-