Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Special Collaboration: Pou Leen meets the Bros!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Alright, so I was supposed to post this up yesterday, and well,
I was so busy with everything else, I forgot. =p 

Ernest's cartoon is an interesting one. Regardless if you have bros in reality (which I believe most of us have),
almost everyone can relate to the storyline of his cartoons, and trust me, a good laugh's what's in store for you!

And yes, nothing's wrong with your pc/lappie/ipad/ibook/or whatever- 
I realised my site banner's down (for unknown reasons) and haven't got the time to repair it. 

Okays, gotta go fix that stupid banner now... Ciao!


ken said...

why nowadays combo and collabo posts only.. i want pou leen's comic! :P

ladyviral said...

did they get to meet you afterall? haha

king_gaban said...

@ken: aiya... now collab month la haha

Kelvin said...

Hiya, i changed new blog again hahaha XD