Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Featured in R.Age, The Star!

The Cover <3

The First Spread

The Second Spread

The Online Version HERE

Bolehland did their version of the rest of us! XD 

Dan wasn't able to make it, but oh well... 

But here's what happened behind the scenes...

That's me, doodling!

And we moved on to discuss ways of taking over the world with our comics! Bwahahah!

Ernest delegating tasks, as to who take over which part of the world... XD

Wai Kit's turn to show off his skills!

That's Ernest, in purple too! XD

And there goes, him and his evil face! XD Kidding bro, don't kill me! 

All photographs are courtesy of Jason Lioh


Alvin Lim said...

Nice work :)

©KahYee said...

congrats! :D

una berry said...

all of u guys are there!

Yan said...

wow, grats ! :D

Miyen said...

Wow, nice, simple and clean!

It sure must feel nice to appear on the newspaper :)

My good friend who studies at UM has seen you around and is in the same kk as you are!

It's a small world after all :P

Punk Chopsticks said...

I remember this issue!!!!! Ahahahah congrats!!! You definitely deserved it!

Pou Leen said...

@ Alvin, @Kah yee, @Una Berry, @ Yan, @ Punk Chopsticks: THANK YOU GUYS! *bows*

@Miyen: It feels alright... some people never get the chance to appear in newspapers their whole life time, I guess it's a pretty cool thing. So who's this friend as yours, and how'd you know which college I am in? LOL.. pretty good with your resources eh?

Jothi said...

Hi Pauline! Juz came across your blog, congrats on being featured in The Star, telling stories through comics is an art form. Way to go girl!

Gary said...

nicely done