Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sensation of Love (and Bonus Video!)

Hey there, updates, finally, I know...

But here's what interesting!
Managed to meet up with 
Dan Khoo (Wai Kit can't make it, not feeling well), Ernest,  and Jian

For something
is coming up end of this year...

Here's a snippet (and clues) of what's to expect end of this year!

So keep your eyes and ears open!!

And happy celebrating Awal Muharram to all my Muslim readers!

Have a nice weekend ahead!


Jeffro said...

Hahaha the video is funny.. what's with the ending of the clip?

RnRMy said...

haha nice..interview more pls :D

Ernest Ng said...

WAH! now got merchandise page! w00t!!

Jason said...

YES HI5, i prefer calling me me(s) as well XD
on a totally unrelated note. how do i know if there's a reply to my comment???
i'm gonna have to check back again, aren't i~~

Jason said...

2nd comment in a row, i don't usually do this (comment twice that is)but OH GOD WHY!!-_-
i had unwisely decided to rewind the video and it's buffering all over again -_-