Saturday, December 10, 2011

Forever Alone Theory 1

So, who can relate to this?

On another note, December's been hectic!! 

Still, there's plenty to look forward to!

There's Christmas... and then comes New Year!

It's a month of celebration and giving!

See the new "Merchandise" section up there? That's right... 
Do keep a look out on that- it'll be up for a LIMITED TIME only! =)

Alternatively, I'll be posting updates on the Facebook page regarding this!

And a big thanks to everyone who's been so caring the past week! 
It must've been for your love and affection that I am all well now =)

Have a great weekend ahead!

Oh, and before I go off, just for the fun of it....

TA DA~~!!


Mich said...

Hahahaha ! I know what you mean. Been there all the time. LOL ! Anyway, you've got such a creative blog. :)

ken said...

now, where's the x-ray machine?

Anonymous said...

How do you think, who this year won the Champions League Cup?

Anonymous said...

That's is a problem as Human being. We tend to believe you are pretty, beautiful but tend to think either out of our league or oyu're too good for us. You're a nice, pretty kiddo.
Have a little faith and someone will be with you. Can't rush through destiny.

Jeffro said...

Hahahaha I like the last picture.. "Scan me through" Good one!

Well Nobody is better than Busybody and Dogsbody. Truthfully, I believe there's always Somebody for Everybody, and it could be Anybody that near you :)