Monday, December 26, 2011

Irony of Love

In you I see my other half,
You teased, tickled, and made me laugh,
I went against all odds and fought,
To be the princess that you sought.

I dreamt that there would be a day,
When you would stand in my way,
You'd grab and sweep me off my feet,
Our bodies unite our lips would meet.

I fought and tried to make you mine,
Set the mood, candlelights, and wine,
I waited and waited but in vain,
You treated me with disdain.

One day you knelt and held my hand,
Alas my dream came to an end,
How could I not feel a thing?
Why didn't my heart leap and sing?

In you I see my painful past,
That I am able to let go at last,
Silly and naive I had fought,
But you're not the prince I sought.



Ernest Ng said...

nice poem!

on a side note: big hand for big diamond ring issit??

James Low said...

Many things in class we pondered,
One of those was "snowed under,"
More of this, please you should,
But remember the question starts with "Would..."

Hahaha... great work!

woo said...

why you so emo? i also dunno,
you so anticipate for love, no?
rilek la kawan, take it slow,
merry christmas! ho ho ho~

Agnes Y. said...

Love it!!!

Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! :)

Alvin Lim said...

big hand so that if the diamond ring not nice enuf, slap the fella :P

Jeffro Ong said...

WOW, you really surprise me more and more each time. Didn't know you're into poetry! Wicked cool, you are! =)