Sunday, January 1, 2012

When Art Collides, Let There Be Warrrrrr!!

The first ever group collaboration HERE!!

This new year, we comic bloggers came together once again to bring you...

When Art Collides in 2012
Protector of the Earth vs Doom Bringers 
Which Side Are You On?

Can you spot who's who? 

*Click to enlarge*

A teaser video by Kyoru

Here goes my character:

And so, naturally... 
I am one of 'em Doom Bringers!!!!! 
No prize for guessing who inspired the style!

That's right. I only reveal my resolutions at the end of a new year. 
I guess I am just afraid that if I talk  too much about something, it will somehow never come to happen!
And so, I always keep "mum" when it comes to my deepest desires! 
I know I rarely share about my life here- apart from my love life, LOL!
So this year, you get a glimpse (just a tiny bit) of who Pauline Low really is (was, more precisely)!

*blue fonts = accomplished

*red fonts = unaccomplished 
(will not be revealed until they get accomplished. Taboo!! LOL!)

*green fonts = pleasant surprises

*click the bold words for pictures/more info*

Took part in as many runs, and secured one of the top positions in as many possible!
Secured a scholarship and is financially independent!
Still not taken, and very much untouched!
Featured in R.Age, The Star
Reading Law in University of Malaya
Student of the Year (Mutiara) in SMK Kepong Baru
Stopped fighting my parents in just about... EVERYTHING
Lose weight (healthily) to 42kgs
Calendar Collaboration and meet-up with Jian, Ernest, Dan &Wai Kit
Produced my own tees!
sleep by 12.00a.m daily (I doubt will ever get accomplished)

Looking forward to year 2012! Much is awaiting me (hopefully all good)

Though rarely mentioned anywhere in my Online Social Networks...
It's my FAMILY that I treasure most. Always.

My wish for everyone in 2012...
Try for once putting your family first, 
because they always put you first (well, mine does, at least...)!

Conclusion: Pauline Low's just an average person, and like you, is still in search for true happiness/meaning of life. 

Before you go off though, do check the rest of the comic bloggers out!


Ernest Ng said...

awwwwwww yeahhhhh.... i guess im the person who inspired the maneaterism in you? XD

-KingSyahmi- said...

checking out the hot babe who is apparently a maneater?

not sure if cannibal or ....

Chee Ching said...


James Low said...

You comic bloggers are a ball of energy... "Very soon" HAHAHA...

2012, whose side will I choose? I'll be the Mayans: Thou shall not live, & war!

Syun said...

Love your character outfit and nice wallpaper!!
I'll go along with the evil side ^^

Kristin said...

My every new year resolution is to slim down >_<

Rascat said...

awesome !XD

Kris said...

"Still not taken, and very much untouched!"

A pleasant surprise for some secret admiring guys?? lol..

Scott said...