Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

In a pool of excellence, it sticks out like a blot of incompetence.
Maybe it fluked the interview, maybe it's capable but cracks easily like a Kit Kat bar under the slightest pressure, maybe it's meant to fill up the Diversity quota.
Doesn't matter how it got here, the point is that it doesn't belong here.

Seems harsh to pick on it, when it's practically harmless and harbours no ill will to anyone.
But this is an office, not a classroom.
You're paid to perform on your job; you don't get marks for spending hours cajoling your colleague to stop crying and step out of the toilet cubicle

In a tight circle of newbies, a weak link will pull down the entire chain.
Remember the fat kid in Boy Scouts who's always getting the steps and timing wrong, causing the entire troop to take ten?
Similarly, even if the duckling alone screws up big time, the rest might face repercussions - diminished trust and responsibility (e.g. reduction of important tasks delegated to newbies) and tightening of HR policies (e.g. punctuality checks).

At office, it brings down morale.
At parties, it kills the mood.
The more you indulge in its never-ending 'why-me' sob stories, the more you encourage it to mope around.
For its goal, consciously or subconsciously, is not to rise to the top, but to drag everyone else down to its depths of misery.

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