I doodle every now and then, here and there. And one day, I decided to compile and show my doodles to the world and that was how everything began. 

The very first time a friend commented on my doodles- he said, "You drew all that? OMG, they're so funneh *laughs and shed manly tears*" Knowing that my doodles can actually provoke real emotions is what kept me drawing. While my doodles are mostly on BGR, it's funny how I have never really been in a relationship, though I think I might have fallen in love once. I think. Just once. They're mostly inspired by friends, movies, books, or songs. They are personal and revealing, but fictional. 

When I started blogging, all I ever wanted was for my friends to know this kiddo part of me; because in person, I come across rather uptight, snobbish (just the face), stuck up (still just the face), and maybe hostile. But blogging took me further than I could ever imagine- I got to know other great bloggers, appeared in the press, made a few new friends, and attracted uber cute guys! It took away some pretty important things from me too- like for instance, time and sleep. And a few times, my doodles ruined my dates... You'd have to ask me personally for the stories. 

Growing up- I have more commitments and other things to attend to, but I don't think I will ever stop doodling. It's one of the little things that make me feel all happy and glee inside. :D